OK. I admit it! I toyed with the idea of changing things up on the website for a minute or maybe two. Oh hell, i thought about it for days. There, I’ve admitted it. Happy now? But i decided to keep things exactly the way they are for now.

I know i said i will keep this blog updated regularly, at least once a week. I will work hard to keep to it (Thanks Hadiza for reminding me). You are a treasure.

Now to the picture above, i know you must be wondering. I went for my usual morning jog by the Walvis Bay lagoon last Saturday and couldn’t help but stop and chat with a total stranger. I saw this older gentleman standing beside his bicycle, soaking up the cool sea breeze. I was just drawn to the sight of him. He had such an air of dignity and grace about him. It was also impossible to miss the look of warmth and contentment on his face. I couldn’t help but slow down. As i slowed down, he turned and gave me a huge smile and asked me how i was doing. I told him i was doing great and we proceeded to chat for about 15 minutes. He told me his name was Petrus Paulinus and went on to share a bit about his life. How he moved from Oshakati in the Northern part of Namibia to Walvis Bay over 40 years ago. I in turn told him about where i came from.

Before i left him, i asked Tate Petrus (In southern Africa, Tate is used as a sign of respect to an older person. It means father), if i could take a couple of pictures of him. He obliged.

It was one of the most memorable encounters I’ve had in recent times. I was so happy i had my camera with me.